How to Pay Less College Tuition Fees

Have you been accepted to the college you always dreamt of, but are wondering how to meet the high college tuition fees? Tuition fees are getting more expensive across the board, and students have to find smarter ways of meeting these costs, and making it affordable. Scholarships are the first option, but this is not always on offer. Here are a few tips on saving on tuition fees and other college costs.


A grant is free money to help you pay for your college costs. Charitable organizations with education programs will usually make calls for application for grants for students studying in areas of their interest. Look up different foundations, trusts and other charitable organization websites for these calls.

Bargain with the college

You can write an appeal letter explaining your financial situation and ask for a waiver or reduction of part of the tuition fees. It is better making a physical visit to the college and talking to the financial advisor face to face.

Work-study program

This is a popular way of raising money for students the world-over. Different colleges have different hours and regulations for student work-study programs, but this is always easy money. Check out if you are eligible and make the application. You will get the normal wage but the hours are limited, with a limit at how much you can earn in a semester.

Live off campus

Accommodation in the student hostels is a significant part of your college costs. You can live off campus and save a lot. There are flat share arrangements where you can live in shared accommodations for much less, and with the same feel as the college hostels.

Save on books

New textbooks will also cost you good money if you have to buy two or three books for each unit. You can save on these costs by hunting for second-hand texts. You can also use book loan services or borrow from your classmates.

Watch your meal costs

What you eat and drink can add up to a significant bill. You can buy organ meats instead of lean beef, or have chicken backs instead of breasts, and other recipe tricks to make your meal cheaper. Going out can also drain your money fast if you are doing it 2-3 times a week. Limit your outings to the weekends, and even then be sensible about it.

Enroll at a cheaper school

If the tuition fees are prohibitive and you can’t meet them however much you try, look for other schools offering the same course. You could get lower demands for tuition fees and other costs.

We’ll help you to find your best Flat share accommodation in Birmingham

You are new in United Kingdom and you do not know what to do to find a good accommodation for you?Well, first you must decide what you want: Flat share or House share Birmingham, single room or double room to rent.

After you get some information about each one of the situations and you decide what you want to be, you can start searching a good room or house for you. The best idea is to join a website that was made especially for room hunters or tenant hunters and search a room by you. You can choose to join free or just with £5 that will let you doing more things on the website. If you go to an agency to find something for you they will take you almost £100 and it is really much. After that you will need to go to each room/house they find and if you refuse them because you do not agree with them you will pay also the transport for nothing.

If you choose to search a house by yourself on our website, you will see that you will find a lot about your possible house mates or landlords because here they are obligated to describe themself, what they like, how they are, what type of tenants/landlord/roommates they want, what they allow in their house and everything you need to know. They are obligated to attach some photos with the house or with them. You will not find any of it if you choose to go to an agency because they are interested only in manipulating you to get a room or a house as soon as possible because they get a lot of money if they do that.

It can seem to be quite difficult to do it by yourself, but it is more practically. You are not going to see houses that you do not like or meet people you can’t get along with. If you search on our website a perfect tenant or landlord you can be sure that in most of the cases you find what you want from the first try.

From where you can get all the information you need about your right/liabilities and your landlords’ rights and liabilities?

On our website you can find everything you need about these and also about your tenancy agreement. Our advice is to always sign a tenancy agreement (but only after you read it completely), because if you agree just on the oral way with your landlord he can makes you problems in the future and you will not have all the necessary rights.

If you are a lodger you also can sign a lodger agreement. It isn’t so valuable as the tenancy agreement because as a lodger you do not have so much rights as the tenant have, but if you want to have for sure some rights you should sign the lodger agreement first.

To rent rooms in Birmingham or to choose between Flat share Birmingham and probably room share are both a little difficult, but it is a good thing for both situations: one of you receive money and the other one can leave in peace with a few money.

Top End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips for a Successful Job

Are you faced with end of tenancy cleaning and feel like it is an insurmountable task? Indeed, doing end of tenancy cleaning for a big house is not a one-man task. It would be counterproductive to attempt DIY end of tenancy for a big house. It would be too much hassle to get the necessary equipment and cleaning materials needed for the job. If the job comes out wrong be prepared for a dispute by the landlord. You could use a few end of tenancy cleaning tips for a job that will pass the landlord’s inspection.

Get a good cleaning service tip

The best decision you can make when faced with end of tenancy cleaning is to hire a professional cleaning service. Here are numerous cleaning services companies all making different promises. If you need a good one, the best way to find it would be to ask someone who has had end of tenancy cleaning in the recent past. You can also ask friends on social media to make good recommendations.

Do your due diligence checks. Look at different review sites to check out if the cleaning service has been negatively mentioned.

Affordable service tip

Do not rush to engage the first cleaning service you come across on Google or the newspaper. It is advisable to get price quotes from at least 3 cleaning services. Look at the whole package rather than the price alone. Is there a cleaning service willing to go the extra mile and offer a value-added package? If a cleaning service is charging 20 pounds more but is willing to work on the garden and lawn, you could go for it instead of a cheaper one that only does house cleaning.

Thorough cleaning tip

End of tenancy cleaning involves cleaning the whole house including areas that are normally neglected, for example, under heavy furniture. As such, you need to make your scope of work as comprehensive as possible.

Make a task list with all the items and areas of the house that need cleaning. You can list these tasks room by room. What is to be done in the kitchen? Instead of giving general instructions like ‘clean the oven,’ you can make it more precise by saying, ‘Degrease the oven, and clean inside and outside.’ Remember that the cleaning crew will do only what is on the task list and nothing more, so make your task list as detailed as possible.

The above end of tenancy cleaning tips will make your experience smoother, saving you time and money.

Professional Tenancy Cleaning London

Moving houses can bring about a cocktail of emotions; it’s exciting to be moving to a new neighborhood especially if you are moving to a bigger house but the process of clearing with your landlord can be quite stressful. One of the requirements of tenants on most agreements is that they leave the rental premises in a good state. Lucky for you if there are no repairs to do as you will only be required to clean. To qualify for a full deposit refund, it is important to go through the checklist on the agreement to identify essential cleaning tasks you are supposed to focus on.

Most tenants and landlords in an effort to save costs will do the tenancy cleaning by themselves. Is it actually cheaper to hire people you can negotiate terms and tasks with but only if the cleaning is up to the inspection standards? As a property owner, any style of pre-tenancy cleaning might do but perfection is the key when you are a tenant. Professional Tenancy Cleaning London employs not only the best techniques but also uses specialized equipment that is costly but effective. So, what steps should you take to make sure that your home is cleaned as it should be?

Most Professional Tenancy Cleaning London agencies will know what to do but here is a guide that will make the process bearable;

Windows – windows need to be clear from both sides. Emphasis should then be placed on removing dirt build up on the edges and frames. If you will be painting the house especially on the outside, do not forget to match the color of the window frames to the color of the walls. The greatest challenge is to reach the outside side of the panel; Professional Tenancy Cleaning London service providers use special equipment to access these parts.

Furniture – you probably found the furniture in the house spotless, without odors, hair or stains. To ensure that such substances are cleaned out, vacuum furniture and wash surfaces using a dry clean solution. Make sure that you allow for enough time to ventilate and naturally dry the fabric covers.

Curtains – window covers get the least attention during a clean-up. To get the procedure right, check the label for instructions. Regardless of whether the fabric needs machine or hand washing, the rods and blinds should also be dusted. This is the time to replace or repair damaged slates.

Meet these Professional Tenancy Cleaning London requirements along with the major ones and you will stand a better chance of getting your deposit back.

5 Tips for Effective English Tuition

The English language is the baseline for most subjects taught in schools. It is the primary language for communication in many places. For this reason, students should be able to understand English best. Tutoring students is a great responsibility and should be done properly so that students can incorporate what they learn. In order to help students achieve their potential, tutors have to assess students individually to determine their needs and goals. Individual attention for students helps group performance in the long run.

How to be a good English tutor

  • Evaluate student’s needs

English is quite a straightforward subject. A good tutor should be able to identify what a student already knows so that they can work on the areas they are not prolific in. Ask students what topics they are good at and enjoy most on the subject. Pay attention to the topics they do not mention and evaluate what can be done to reinforce those areas. You can let them show off their prowess in the topics they know so that they will still be confident when you work with them on their weaker areas.

  • Set goals

In order to provide good English tuition, a tutor should work with students to set long-term goals. You can both set the next points you want the students to achieve. You should set goals on the number of topics you want to be covered and make sure that all students have understood them. You can write down the class goals and post them on the class’s notice board so that students can keep track of it.

  • Monitor progress

As a tutor, you should be able to keep track of individual student performances. You can create a program or chart that shows you and the student their progress. This chart can include entries for test grades, the goals you had targeted and your evaluation of the student understanding of concepts.

  • Set up revision schedules

After successful teaching, you should set revision schedules for students on the topic taught. You can do class revisions at the end of a topic or weekly on set dates. The revision could be in the form of class questions or speed tests. The feedback from these revisions should be able to tell you whether the students have understood that topic.

  • Adapt to students needs

As a tutor, you may find that some students do not understand directly from class coursework. You should be able to set alternatives for this such as encouraging them to read English storybooks, coming for after-class consultations and using audio-visual aid.

How to Find Good Math Tutor

A parent may have a hard time coaching and helping their children do homework especially with math problems. At the time they could be tied up with personal work and lack time for helping their children with school work. Many families solve this issue by hiring a tutor for their children. However, different families have unique needs so it is important for parents to know what they want in a tutor.

Evaluate target areas.

Observe your child’s progress in math and evaluate which areas need improvements. They may be experiencing difficulties in topics such as algebra, statistics or multiplication tables. If you cannot be able to do this you can ask your child’s math teacher which areas they are experiencing problems. After analysis, you can find a good math tutor who has extensive knowledge in those particular fields. If you have good associations with certain math teachers in your child’s school you can enlist their help as your child will be more familiar with them.

Look for experience

After analyzing the areas your child needs help with, look for a math tutor with the most experience. The Older math teacher has more experience in the mathematical field and may understand children better after working with others for a long time. You can confirm in which fields they previously worked. Check whether they have the right credentials for the job before hiring. You can ask if the tutor has previously worked with a child the same age as yours.

Tutor’s Attributes

You want to leave your child with someone they can be comfortable with and get along. You will have to do background checks on a potential suitor to determine their personal attributes. You can take note of what their personality is like, if they are emotionally stable and patient for children, if they qualify for the post, and if they have a positive attitude towards children.


Before selecting a math tutor for your child, confirm their schedules to determine when they are available for tutoring. You should check if their schedule will work well with the time your child is available for tutoring. Also is the time convenient for you in case you want to check on their progress and ongoing lessons.


When you see your child underperforming in math, you may be tasked with finding a tutor for them. You should take into consideration these important steps which will determine if your child will get comprehensive coaching.  Ensure your child is comfortable with the arrangement so that they can be able to participate fully.